The small and charming fishing village of Stokkseyri in South Iceland is a place of breathtaking seaside  views. Visitors enjoy exploring the area’s natural canals, islands and endless unique lagoons.

Stokkseyri’s origins go back to 930 AD, and it was once an important trading and fishing  center.  Today,  the town  is famous for its unique cultural activities and museums.  Additionally,  a famous seaside restaurant serves a divine langoustine lobster bisque few visitors forget. The town has a wonderfully creative atmosphere, an influence of Icelandic artists who live here.

What to do in Stokkseyri

Stokkseyri has interesting workshops and art galleries you can browse. You can also enjoy unique museums such as the interactive Ghost Center, The Elves, Trolls and Northern Lights Museum, and The Wildlife and Hunting Museum.  The interesting Thuridarbud is a small fisherman’s hut that shows the tough living conditions locals had to face when working at sea.  The hut gets its name from Lady Thuridur, a brave female sea captain in the early 1800s.

The rich bird life is a major draw for visitors.  Another attraction is the picturesque Knarrarosviti lighthouse and its combined art noveau/functional architectural design.

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy some of the best sea kayaking in the country.  If you want extreme adventure, you can try guided ATV beach safaris or RIB boat trips.

After a day of exploration and adventure, you can relax in the Stokkseyri geothermal swimming pool with a water slide, a wading pool, and two hot tubs.

The small town’s location is a perfect place to spot the northern lights, and some northern lights tours visit this area if weather conditions are good for auroras.