The award-winning Museum of Sorcery and Witchcraft is located by Holmavik’s central harbor. The museum has models, trinkets and a 30-minute audio tour. Visitors can also enjoy a live demonstration on spell casting and even necro-pants. 

The Westfjords have been one of the most remote and scarcely populated area in Iceland since the 9th century. From 1625-1685 the Strandir region became renowned for wizards, sorcerers and witch hunts.

At the gleefully morbid exhibition on the dark arts at the Museum of Sorcery and Witchcraft, an invisible boy “greets” the visitors, and sets the tone.  Visitors will then learn about the people accused of sorcery, what they were blamed for, and how they were hunted down and punished. It’s an unusual and quirky exhibition and the museum has been active in setting up events with the local community throughout the years.

There is also an accompanying exhibit at the Sorcerer’s Cottage in Bjarnafjordur, 20 minutes drive up the road, in a turf hut reconstruction of a 20th century shepherd dwelling.

The building houses a nice restaurant, be sure to taste their magic meals!

Opening hours of the museum

May 15th – September 30th:  Daily 10 am – 18 (6 pm)

Rest of the year: Weekdays 12 – 18 (6 pm) and weekends 13 – 18 (1 – 6 pm)

Where is the Museum of Sorcery and Witchcraft?

The museum is located by the harbor in Holmavik village


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