There is so much going on at the friendly Reykjavík Family Park and Zoo complex that it could take several days to explore!

Reykjavík Family Park

The Reykjavík  Family Park provides nonstop children’s entertainment with theme park rides, interactive playground equipment, a scale model of a Viking ship, and more! Kids can try operating little electronic go-carts or pulling themselves across a man-made lake on a raft.  Additionally, there is a lovely merry-go-round and a colourful train ride for little ones to enjoy a trip around the entire park.

Another interesting place is Science World, where kids can measure their screams in decibels and envelop themselves in giant soap bubbles. Amidst the area is a coffee house and a kiosk that sells souvenirs, beverages and soft ice cream.

Reykjavík Zoo

Adjacent to the Family Park, the Zoo features Iceland’s domesticated and wild animal species. You can see beautiful sheep, reindeer, Arctic foxes, cows, pigs, goats, rabbits, mink, ducks and the unique Icelandic horse breed. At the cold-water aquarium you’ll meet creatures from the North Atlantic,  including over 20 species of fish, playful seals, crabs and mollusks. There is also a great selection of domestic birds, including hens, pigeons and turkeys. There’s even a small exhibit of foreign reptiles.

You can get up close to the farm animals (sheep, horses, cows) and pet them.  Make sure you find out feeding times for the animals, as it is fun to watch the zoo keepers feed the animals, especially the seals!