Keflavik resides in the heart of the Reykjanes Peninsula Its biggest fame to visitors is as the arrival city for flights arriving and departing out of Keflavik International Airport.

Many people also know Keflavik as the home of the NATO military base, which operated from 1951-2006. The base now houses innovative ventures for green energy, data processing, and health and wellness tourism. The area also now houses a university and campuses.

The settlement in the Keflavik area began in in the 16th century, though before that fishermen would set up winter work camps.  In 1994 the town merged with two neighboring towns, Njardvik and Hafnir, to form the municipality Reykjanesbaer. Keflavik and Njardvik have both grown rapidly in the last century. One street divides the two towns, and Hafnir is a mere 10 kilometres away.

Keflavik Night of Lights festival

Keflavik has been a trading center since the Middle-Ages and enjoys a thriving fishing industry today. The town has an authentic look, including a picturesque harbor with surrounding restaurants and shops. There are a number of beautiful nature trails for those who enjoy a good hike. In early September, the rugged sea cliffs are dramatically lit up for the “Night of Lights.” The town’s festival celebrates with live music, family entertainment, and a fireworks display as the inhabitants bid a fond farewell to summer.