The Hraunfossar waterfalls (Lava Falls) in Borgarfjordur are exceptionally beautiful and unusual. Visitors say that the water seems to magically appear from the lava. However, it is actually a clear spring surging through lava and into the glacial Hvita River.

The Hraunfossar falls are distinctive for their turquoise blue waters, which give a beautiful flourish to the surrounding landscape. As a result, Hraunfossar became a National Monument in 1987.

This series of waterfalls comes from rivulets streaming over a distance of about 90 meters (300 feet) out of Hallmundarhraun. Indeed, this mystical lava field  flowed from an eruption of a volcano lying under Langjokull glacier over a thousand years ago.

Engineered waterfall?

The Icelandic literary work Heidarviga Saga mentions a medieval engineer named Musa-Bolverkur. He lived at the farm Hraunsas, and the Saga mentions he diverted the Hvita River’s course to the north of the hill Hraunsas. It lies there today.

Hraunfossar viewpoint

A viewpoint at the car park gives visitors an amazing view over Hraunfoss, the nearby Barnafoss, and Hvita River. Locals built a pedestrian bridge across the river in 1891, and they renovated it exactly a century later. Moreover, a hiking trail leads from Hraunfossar to the brilliantly blue Barnafoss (Children’s Falls).

During the summer months, you can get coffee and refreshments at a shop near the falls.

Where are the Hraunfossar falls?

Hraunfossar falls are situated near Húsafell, Reykholt, and the Vidgelmir lava-tube cave. The waterfalls are about 122 km from Reykjavik, a 1 hour and 40 minute drive.

GPS: 64.7029° N, 20.9772° W