Glanni is a stunning waterfall in Nordura river. The locals believe it to be the dwelling place for elves and trolls. A well defined and clearly marked trail leads to the waterfall. 

Glanni is not far away from the volcano Grabrok, Grabrokarhraun lava field, and the small village of Bifrost. Nearby is the Paradisarlaut (Paradise Hollow), a beautiful oasis in the middle of a lava field. The waterfall is small but beautiful with at least three side-by-side drops, each with multiple tiers.

How to visit Glanni?

Park your car by the golf course. From there you can take a walking path that will lead to the waterfall and the hollow. The viewing deck offers a great view of the waterfall. You can buy provisions at the coffee shop by the car park and enjoy a wonderful picnic by the waterfall or in Paradise Hollow.

What does the word Glanni mean?

The word Glanni means light or shining. The waterfall has this name because of the bright white color of the water as it hits the rocks below.

What is the name of the river where Glanni waterfall is?

The river, Nordura, is one of Iceland’s most abundant salmon fishing rivers. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to see salmon jumping in the waterfall  via man made steps to make their journey easier. If you are there in summer, please do not disturb the anglers or the river itself.