For travelers looking for a quaint fishing village immersed in natural isolated beauty, Bolungarvik truly provides breathtaking scenery. The village has a picturesque harbor surrounded by steep coastal mountains in this second-largest village of the Westfjords


Year round visitors can experience how life was for Icelandic fishermen until the beginning of the 20th century at the tiny outdoor maritime museum at Osvor,  just steps away from the village. It’s a fascinating replica of an old fishing outpost with traditional grass turf buildings.

The village hosts a natural history museum, with more then 250 stuffed birds, both local to the Westfjords and migrants as well.  The stuffed polar bear is also a popular attraction in the museum.

What to do in Bolungarvik?

Climbing (or driving to be exact) to the top of the Bolafjall Mountain, that towers over the village, offers mind-blowing views in every direction.  A rugged but short road leads up to the mountain, only open in summer time, when road conditions allow.  Extreme caution is advised since the slopes are steep and dangerous. But once on top, the view from the barren plateau is breathtaking.

The friendly village has the northern most golf-course in the Westfjords, with 9 holes but 18 tees. As one of the few beach golf-courses in the country, surrounded by sand dunes and lyme grass, playing golf there is a unique experience.

The mountain cliffs and the village isolation create the perfect condition for rich bird life. The vast shoreline with old abandoned roads make for fine bird watching opportunities.

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